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Donation Price
We are ready to receive donation but not forcing you to donate any.

Donations are purely voluntary and extremely appreciated our donors who help the community and this project stay alive.
By donating, you’re authorizing the donation and agreeing that the amount is nonrefundable.

Once again, thanks for supporting LegendBorn RO.
We are absolutely free to play!!

After donating for who attempt for dispute shall lead your account to permanent blockage.

Donation Price List: 

PackageCash PointPrice (USD or MYR)
Elite5,000$4.99 or RM20
Master11,000$9.99 or RM40
Grandmaster22,500$19.99 or RM80
Epic57,500$49.99 or RM200
Legend87,500$74.99 or RM350
Mythic120,000$99.99 or RM400

For player who donate Legend and Mythic Package will receive "Mysterious Box". 

1. Legend Package get 1 "Mysterious Box.
2. Mythic Package get 2 "Mysterious Box.

Payment Method:

Donation Via Paypal
Click Here

Donation Via Bankin
[Image: public-bank-70609.jpg]
Public Bank
Bank Account: 4564068834

Before donating please info GM team.
After done donated by Bankin or Paypal, please send us a message at Discord or Pm us on with the following information:

Full Name:
In-Game Name:


Please attach the proof of transaction. (Receipt)

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